Anabolic stacking and cycling is always been the best way to get the results you want.

“Stacking” refers to taking all you chosen anabolics daily. For example, you may take a Dbol 3 times per day, than take a winsdrol 30 minutes before working out, than using Deccabolan as a post workout by taking it before bed.

Anabolic “Cycling” would be buying 3 or  4 products at once, but taking only 1 supplement at a time. For example, you take your Dbol 3 times a day for 4 weeks, than when you are done with Dbol, you move on to taking Anadroll 2 times a day for the next 4-6 weeks, and than using winsdrol for 30-45 days to fine tune those results. So while shopping on the internet, you would still want to shop for legal steroid stacks, however you will not be using it as a stack.

Muscle stacks are the best way to get rapid and dramatic results.  Stacking will provide you results that produce the largest gains, however these gains may not be fine tuned. If you are wanting to get strong, bulk up and  gain weight within the shortest time possible than stacking is the way to go. If you want to fine tune your physique over  a period of 3 months than cycling is the best choice for you.

Beginner Cycle

Those who have never taken a legal steroid before must be extremely careful about taking an overdose in their first cycle. Dianibol is a powerful steroid used to increase volume extremely fast and easy. If this is your first time in any hormonal or steroid cycle, it is recommended that you target for a cycle of 6-8 weeks at 20 mg each day. Some might even try 10mg per day to be on the safe side. After your first cycle of taking Dianibol, you do not see the desired results, you can consider increasing or decreasing the dose slightly the number of weeks in the cycle. Between cycles, it is especially important for beginners to take some time off of a steroid to see results without packing your body of unnecessary medications. Ideally, a beginner should take 3-4 weeks off between 7-8 cycles per week and rest 2-3 weeks off between 3-6 week cycles.

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Testosterone Dianibol Cycle

The most popular steroid stacks are the Dianibol cell and testosterone cycle. It is a cycle of 6-8 weeks where a daily dose of Dianibol and twice weekly dose of testosterone is taken. Testosterone works much faster than Dianibol in building muscle; that is the reason they are stacked together. While testosterone gives you instant results, Dianibol needs more time to absorb and work through the body, making it possible for the steroid to consolidate on what the Testosterone has developed. This cycle is intended to help build muscle and keep it running. The dose of Dianibol you should take daily should be between 20 mg-25 mg, and you have to be consuming 500 mg of testosterone weekly.


Deca and Dianibol cycle


Deca is another popular choice to stack with Dianibol, especially for women, as it is softer stacks than a Testosterone and Dianibol, but still produces results. It is a 3/6 weeks stack bulking that develops the muscle in a short period; the intention is to create fantastic results cycle. The cycle of Deca is not more than 50 mg of Dianibol daily and 200 mg of Deca weekly.

Dianibol Only Cycle

You can get great results by stacking other steroids with Dianibol, taking the steroid alone can provide the same fantastic results. There are ways to approach this type of Dianibol cycle, chart is made to assist you to know what is the best cycle time and the dose for you when you decide on a single cycle of steroids. A unique Dianibol cycle typically lasts for 4-6 weeks at a dose of 40 mg per day.

Each cycle lengths, dosages and times outside week are to help you decide what your goal is and how to do it as quickly as possible without devastating side effects.

Dianibol is a steroid for bulking and medical purpose, not to reduce the way Trenbolone can do both. Bodybuilders often use a cycle of Dianibol as the best way to destroy body fat and build muscle during the offseason. The best cycle is what makes you feel good and you get the results you want the time you need it.


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