How to take P.C.T.

You can take P.C.T. when you have finished taking Dianabol. Some websites and forums suggest that you take other supplements during your P.C.T. for overall wellness and balance. These supplements protect the body from the side effects of Dianabol, increase testosterone production and not to lose the gains mass and strength during P.C.T.. We recommend, however, that you focus mostly on using P.C.T. and Dianabol together for the best combination of legal steroids and to improve muscle mass effectively.

Also, if you are in a six-week Dianabol cycle, four weeks of P.C.T. should be sufficient. You will modify the dose of your P.C.T. based on the dose of Dianabol you are taking.

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LIVER GUARD-  If you are stacking multiple anabolic compounds, a basic milk thistle or liver guard product is recommended. However the Muscle Labs brand  D-Bal (Dianabol)  is non-methyated, so is taken alone, no liver guard is needed.


P.C.T.- A mild post cycle therapy is recommended with most legal steroid cycles HOWEVER, it is certainly not needed. This particular legal steroid delivers its anabolic effects through IGF & testosterone receptors, therefore it’s negative influence on hormonal activity is not an issue at all. Due to the fact that testosterone levels are not negatively impacted by D-Bol,  you can simply taper your dose down as you near the 7 days of your cycle. If you are taking 3 a day, the last week of your cycle you can drop down to taking only 2 capsules a day. Take 1 about an hour before you workout, and the second with your meal after you train.

P.C.T. or no P.C.T.?

The bodybuilding world seems divided on whether a P.C.T. needed at all, or if you will need one after a cycle of Dianabol. Those who think it is not important do not see any obvious side effects.

Those who say that you need P.C.T. for Dianabol cycle say that the drug causes a massive reduction in testosterone production. There are little side effects from the use of any aromatase inhibitors, especially in the little time that you will use them.

A P.C.T. Dianabol is an important part of the safe use of Dianabol for long periods of time. When you decide to try using a single cycle of Dianabol, P.C.T. could be important to obtain the rewards of hard work. P.C.T. restore the hormonal balance of the body and help your body to produce testosterone, which is important in the synthesis of body protein. P.C.T. also manage potentially harmful side effects of using Dianabol. You can choose to go without a P.C.T., but anything worth doing is worth doing well.


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